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    This year, why not give your child the opportunity to learn something fun and challenging at the same time? If you’re looking for a children’s program that will teach your child skills for life and train your child to take on the world; then Brisbane Taekwondo has the perfect solution for you. Our children’s Taekwondo programs are a perfect mix of fun, martial arts, confidence building and skill development. In fact, our wonderful instructors are well known for their engaging sessions, which children simply love!

Overview of  Children’s Taekwondo Programs -

Brisbane Taekwondo is a class apart from other martial arts centres. Our students are split into different classes depending on their age and martial arts experience. When you enrol your child with us, we conduct a personal assessment to decide which Taekwondo program will best suit your child. As a centre dedicated to teaching martial arts it is important to us that your child understands and enjoys each Taekwondo session. We have designed a syllabus for each class level so that our training is tailored to the concentration abilities and skill development of each age group.

Children between 4-6 years of age are enroled in the Little Samurai program, which focuses on teaching the basics of Taekwondo, building confidence and concentration, developing basic skills, rewarding and recognising students for their good work with a coloured belt each term, as part of the grading process.  Children between 7-12 years of age are enrolled in the Black Samurai program, which is more challenging, enhances other skills and teaches important values and self discipline. Students between 10- 14 years of age are enrolled in the Leaders program, where they are taught various tactics to resolve conflicts, the importance of team work and character building as well as much more challenging Taekwondo moves. Both the Black Samurai program and the Leaders program are the first steps to achieving a black belt. Each of our children’s Taekwondo programs also has separate classes for kids with prior Taekwondo experience. Whatever the Taekwondo experience that your child has, our trainers will give the required guidance to train your child to the next level.  If your child plans to participate in a Taekwondo competition, our team of specialised competition coaches will ensure that your child gets the complete training and support needed to bring out their best!


Our team of specialized instructors

Brisbane Taekwondo takes pride in working with only the best trainers and specialised coaches. Our experienced instructors come from various martial arts backgrounds, and are dedicated to sharing their knowledge with children. We even have a team of renowned coaches dedicated to guiding and training children for Taekwondo competitions. Our trainers are great with kids of all ages, and impart martial arts training in a fun and engaging way.  They not only track the progress of each student closely but also ensure that children are able to understand each Taekwondo lesson and move on to the next level. Each session is packed with martial arts training, overall character and skill development as well as fun physical activities. It is no wonder then that our students eagerly look forward to each Taekwondo class!

Our unique Introductory Program

When you enrol your child for a Taekwondo program, we do not simply put your child in just any group. Its important to us that your child is comfortable in a new environment and with our trainer. That’s why we have our special Introductory Program, where our trainer will give your child a personal Taekwondo class. We will also individually assess your child so that we can give you a few options as to which Taekwondo class would be best suitable. We welcome you to meet our trainers personally and to discuss any queries you may have regarding any of our children’s Taekwondo programs. Call us today at 1300 303 583, or fill in your details below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Enrol your child with Brisbane Taekwondo today!

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Luke really enjoys coming, his concentration and focus as well as his ability to pay attention and listen have improved amazingly. I find it is great for his confidence too.


My son (eight) and daughter (six) both enjoy TKD at BTC. They have been practicing for a number of years now and their self confidence has improved dramatically. The lessons are fun and well structured. We can recommend BTC to anyone who wants to start Taekwondo.


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